BioCranial research discovered  that the spinal alignment follows the alignment of cranial bones. When  there is a misalignment of the cranial bones, this distortion results in  distortion of the spinal bones or vertebra (subluxation). The major  portion of the nervous system is protected by the cranium (22 bones of  the skull) and the vertebra. The brain and the spinal cord are covered  in a tough material called the dura mater (translated “tough mother”).  This sheath is attached to the bones of the skull and to the spine at  the first two neck vertebra and to the sacrum or tailbone. When the  bones of the skull are misaligned/distorted it causes uneven pull on the  dura mater, causing distortions (twisting) of the spine – interfering  with normal nervous system flow and normal expression of “LIFE”. We call  this “Contracted Dural Syndrome” or “CDS”.

Years ago a Doctor of Chiropractic  found the cranial bones moved and a Doctor of Osteopathy, Dr. Sutherland  discovered there was a rhythmic motion of the cranial bones causing a  “pumping” action for the cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid travels from  the cranium to the sacral area (between the dura mater and the  brain/spinal cord). If there is a “fixation” or “stuck” area in the  cranium this pumping action is interfered with and poor health follows.  There have been many cranial techniques developed over the years,  however, BioCranial has developed over the past three decades and taught  by Dr. Boyd, and is so beautifully simple and repeatable that the  results have been nothing short of amazing.

The procedure of BioCranial Therapy  is approximately three minutes long. There is no jerking, thrusting or  popping. The procedure has a gentle stretch sensation, yet once  performed there is an immediate sense of change. The procedure can be  performed on infants to geriatrics. Many cranial problems occur at  birth, so corrections early on can prevent years of suffering.

“…the nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of the body and relates it to its environment…” -Gray’s Anatomy

The BioCranial System does not cure  any symptoms or disorders, it only puts the body’s natural healing  mechanism back to its full potential. On a scale of 1-10, it pushes the  body closer to 10!